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  • Baja Road Trippin' 2

    Lets just skip the boring stuff... from BC to the Tecate border was basically strip mall hamburgers and rest stop bathroom breaks along the I-5. With the exception of a pit stop in Ilwaco WA for a roof rack outfit, KC and I booked it to Margaritaville, Mex. First stop Punta Baja, also our first lesson in expecting the unexpected. Damn Canadians … Read More

  • Baja Road Trippin Part 1

    I'll admit it, I am stubborn. Go ahead tell me its hard, or tell me its sketchy, I do my best to prove you wrong. I am currently locked and loaded and on my way to Baja Mexico with my bestie Stella the Dog! Camping and surfing will be my daily routine for the next month and a bit, this adventure I couldn't resist. Stay tuned for the full story as … Read More

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