Robin Van Gyn

Robin Van Gyn

Originally from: Victoria, BC, Canada

Living now: Whistler, BC, Canada

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Favorite food: Yours

Welcome to my site!

My name is Robin Van Gyn and I am a professional snowboarder living in Whistler B.C, and this is my story in a nutshell…

Being outside just makes me happy, so I am always there. Snowboard is my #1 outdoor sport of choice and its something that has always come naturally to me and its what I love the most. Having made it my career over the last 8 years has been an amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to see what is to come.

Growing up in Vancouver Island sailing, skiing and hiking with my family started my love for adventure and the outdoors, but it was the snow and the mountains that really stole all my attention. I skied Silver Star Mountain for 8 years growing up before moving to France for a year with my mother to get cultured. It worked, I think. I switched to snowboarding at 15 and never looked back, like I said, it was natural. While working on a degree at the University of Calgary, I started my professional career as a snowboarding competing and traveling in Big Air, Rail Jams, and Slopestyle. While having success in competition and having snowboarded in international events like The US Open, The Roxy Chicken Jam, Superpark, and Ms. Superpark, I always just wanted to be in the backcountry so I followed my gut and committed to pursuing backcountry snowboarding. In 2003 I started coaching and guiding for SASS Global Travel in Argentina and haven’t skipped a summer yet.

I also started coaching with MGT Snowboard Camp and eventually became the Events and Marketing Manager with my degree behind me. I currently am really active in camps and have hosted numerous camps and sessions like SASS Women’s Session and a Signature Session at High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Giving back to the sport is always something that will be important to me and I intend to keep it up as to foster and inspire the next generation in the sport.

My career as a backcountry snowboarder really took off when I started filming with Runway Films in 2005. I have since filmed over 6 video parts and have worked with production companies like Runway, Peep Show, Standard Films, and The Earth Network to name a few. Having done this has put me in the top tier of female backcountry snowboarders and I have worked alongside most, if not all, of the leading women in the sport. This is one of my biggest accomplishments and I will always feel determined and grateful to run in that pack. I feel proud to be recognized as one of the leaders in the sport and I plan to keep it that way. In terms of media and print media I have worked with all major Industry publications such as but not limited Snowboarder Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, Pleasure Snowboarding, Method Mag, King Snow, Snowboard Canada, Snowboard Canada Women’s Annual, Snowboarder Girl, Whitelines, Red Bull Media House and Yobeat.

Although Snowboarding is king in my world, that doesn’t mean that I done dabble in other adventures and sports. As it has always been in my life, adventure is something I am always seeking whether its surf camping in the Baja, sailing Vancouver Island, split boarding in Argentina, hiking the Juan De Fuca Trail, fishing the Chilcat in AK, or simply exploring the mountains of my home in Whistler, BC, I cant get enough of it and that is how I will always live my life…outside.

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