• SAFE AS Copper Mountain: Luck Favours the Prepared

    SAFE AS Clinics are one day, female only avalanche training sessions supported with real athlete experience and knowledge of the mountains. The panel of educators runs as follows: Lel Tone, Elyse Saugstad, Michelle Parker, Jackie Passo, Sherry McConkey and Ingrid Backstrom. The camps run on various weekends through the early winter season in … Read More

  • Stoke Out: Early Bird Social

    Don't you ever wish you could get a rad group of ladies together for a shed day on the mountain? Don't you ever wish you could learn a bit more about your avalanche equiptment? Isn't it nice doing yoga fist thing in the morning to warm up that creeky snowboard body? Isn't it nice when someone makes you a healthy breakfast and give you a ton of … Read More

  • Dispatches: Argentina

    Always love getting the word out about Argentina. We had a hard winter weather wise, but it was all fun all the time even without the standard Patagonia winter giving us the gift of epic powder. Read all about it on Snowbaorder Mag :

    http://www.snowboarder.com/photos/dispatches-robin-van-gyn-sass-argentina/ Read More

  • 36kms to Garabaldi Lake

    Have you ever had those days...when you JUST CAN'T? Today was not it. I went to do a mellow 6km hike up to Chekamus Lake in Whistler and ended up on a 9 hour epic across the moon (it actually kinda looked like the moon). With 3 dogs in tow my neighbour Tony and I JUST COULDN'T....stop walking, up hill, rare I know.  First we got sidestracked … Read More

  • SASS Argentina: Getting out

    I seriously live for this time of the year. Nothing compares to hiking around in the Andes with some of of the snow industry's best. Flanked by the SASS Argentina family and a lot of young Brazilians, Cerro Catedral is always offering up another adventure in the Andes. No matter the weather there is always something and somewhere to go that … Read More

  • Feats of Humanity: IRONwoMAN Heather Wurtele

    Lounging lazily on the dock in Whistler BC, I started chatting up a lake swimmer. Turns out she is Heather Wurtele, super athlete. After chatting with her a bit about long distance lake swimming for a moment or two, I quikly realized she was on another level, higher than "two the rock and back in a bikini". I pryed a bit and it turns out she is a 6 … Read More

  • Baja Road Trippin' 2

    Lets just skip the boring stuff... from BC to the Tecate border was basically strip mall hamburgers and rest stop bathroom breaks along the I-5. With the exception of a pit stop in Ilwaco WA for a roof rack outfit, KC and I booked it to Margaritaville, Mex. First stop Punta Baja, also our first lesson in expecting the unexpected. Damn Canadians … Read More

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