SASS Argentina: Getting out

I seriously live for this time of the year. Nothing compares to hiking around in the Andes with some of of the snow industry's best. Flanked by the SASS Argentina family and a lot of young Brazilians, Cerro Catedral is always offering up another adventure in the Andes. No matter the weather there is always something and somewhere to go that will probably blow your mind. This is year 10 for me, I know, its crazy, but the fact of the matter is that I just cant stop coming down here. There has yet to be a season in Patagonia that I havent chartered new territory and picked up an insane amount of knowledge. Its hard not to have a good time. This season started strong with a classic rain to powder storm followed by high pressure allowing us to give the SASS Family the full spectrum of experience. It ain't over yet, weeks to go and more snow in the forecast, stay tuned for the next iminent adventure...

Snowboarding Argentina

SASS Global travel - Snowboarding Argentina

SASS Global travel - Snowboarding Argentina

SASS Global Travel - Snowboarding Argentina

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