Have you ever had those days...when you JUST CAN'T? Today was not it.
I went to do a mellow 6km hike up to Chekamus Lake in Whistler and ended up on a 9 hour epic across the moon (it actually kinda looked like the moon). With 3 dogs in tow my neighbour Tony and I JUST COULDN'T....stop walking, up hill, rare I know.  First we got sidestracked by another hike than the original plan, and then we just kept going to the next lake, the next peak, across the Basalt rock flats (the moon), to the next lake. So to get that straight, we hiked up to Helms Creek, to Helms Lake, Black Tusk Lake, another lake that started with an M (it was small) and then...dun da da to Garabaldi Lake a cool 18kms from our starting point. Funny we never really thought or talked about the 18kms back to the parking lot making it a total of 36km. Voke Tabs did its job and we made it back with no problems, minus a few dog barfs at the end. No Biggie