Eleven Winters in Argentina and counting.
Its seems a little crazy but if you have ever been, you would understand. As an amateur I stumbled into SASS Argentina with a friend while chasing snow in South America, the founders let me crash on the couch in return for making camper sandwiches. After artistically placing the cheese on the meat every day, I suited up for some of the best powder days I have ever had...even to this day. Cars were completely buried under the snow and the liftys were digging out paths for the chairlifts to run through, it was insane and I was officially hooked for life. It was originally the snow and the terrain that kept me going back but after a season or two I also realized that I was working along side some of the best pros and guides in the world and they were now like family to me (I think I was the fun aunt of the clan, but maybe a middle child at times). How could I leave the family? It just wasn't an option, plus how could I say no to tits deep powder days in August? come on.

Snowboarding picked up momentum for me as a career and I was finding it hard to coach all summer, so I figured out a way to still keep the dream alive and that was the start of the Women's Session! Just a few weeks had to do the trick for a while, but every season I found myself unable to leave without wishing I was still coaching, so this year I finally caved and I am back and I couldn’t be more proud to be back on the team full time. Argentina is where I belong. So there is it, from here on out we are just talking about an insane amount of time hiking around in the Patagonia backcountry, learning more about the mountains and safe travel in them, wining and dining with amazing people from all over globe, and most importantly, snowboarding my face off. Interested in becoming part of the family?