You know I am pretty-much game for anything when it comes to travel, but I spend my Winter in the cold so I think its ok for me to scoff at my 5:4 wetsuit and leave that frigid Northern Baja water for greener, more tropical pastures. South of Guerro Negro we attempted Punta Abreojos, blown out, shallow reef break, not my jam. Stopped for tacos at Vizciano Junction, we met some Baja expedition motorcyclists with head sets. Thrown off by their awkward head contraptions we kept our distance, but as we drank one more Pacifico we got closer and sparked the conversation we needed to have. Topic of choice... The North Road to Scorpion Bay (enter scary music). The amount of stories about this road and peopl getting stranded in the salt flats is daunting. Guide books have a skull and cross bone type of reviews, but something in my gut (or was it the tacos) told me all arrows point that-a-way. These guys had just done it and they said something like "ya it would probably be ok", without hesitation, we threw our pesos at the resident dog and ran to the truck in slow motion and hit the salt flats,saving oursleves 4 hours through Loreto. I would love to tell you some crazy tide coming in around the truck story and getting strande without candy in the desert story right about now, but unfortunately it was a walk in the park. A few desolate fishing towns and one male female spat later (I started walking home) and we were there, cruised in at sunset with Pacifico to spare.

Scorpion Bay

Scorpion bay is a special place with some pretty amazing people. RIght away we met Fraser Work from Victoria BC who was on his way to El Salvador www.deltakrow.com. He hadn't seen other people for a little while so he was very talkative, lucky for him we were all ears and loved having him around to keep us entertained, in exchange, he surfed with us and we fed him a little, give and take, symbiotic relationships. We stayed for a week waiting for the swell longboarding seconds to pass the time. Can't say I didn't love it, I have never longboarded much, but I can tell you after a week at Scorpion Bay, I totally love it, next purchase. OK to the goods, yes the swell came, yes it was barrelling off the point, it was rad, we scored, but it was time to move on again after a night of fun with token long hair awesome guy host Lobo from Todos. Haven't laughed that hard in a long time, leaving on a high note. We now had crew with our friend Sam and Fraser on a caravan to Punta Canejo.

Scorpion Bay Surfing
Photo by KC Dean