We have so much more to share with you that what you think. Decades of exploration and progression in the mountains has brought us here to a place were action alone wont cut it. Behind every film stacked with tricks and cheese wedge bangers there is a bigger picture, a story about the mountains and the terrain we live in that most frothy snowboard movie watchers miss. What has drawn us to what we do as snowboarders is natural wonder. Whether we sought it out to begin with or had our eyes opened along the way doesn't matter, its just the realization of what we are surrounded with and how awesome this arena is that is the most interesting and complex. No winter has ever proven so inspiring and so heart breaking as the one we just had. Winter was in full force and dropped us some heavy powder magic without breaking for a breath of sun. We were deep in the mix of Canadian Wilderness in a place where the pillows stacked on huge walls of spines and rock and the trees took over as skyscraper landscape. Every day was a new kind of challenge and I can say that the lessons in riding with a crew like ours in the mountains that complex was a once in a lifetime opportunity. No matter what you’ll watch Depth Perception for, what you will take from it is a better understanding of the places we go and why we do, and maybe, just maybe you’ll go there too, anything is possible.