Lounging lazily on the dock in Whistler BC, I started chatting up a lake swimmer. Turns out she is Heather Wurtele, super athlete. After chatting with her a bit about long distance lake swimming for a moment or two, I quikly realized she was on another level, higher than "two the rock and back in a bikini". I pryed a bit and it turns out she is a 6 time Ironman and 10 time half Ironman champion. She had been traveling around with her Husband Trevor Wurtell for 6 years competeing in the wolds toughest events. They were in Whistler training for the weekend's Whistler Ironman that Trevor is the defending champion of. I had to get a picture with her, I could help but fan out! TOTALLY INSPIRED!

Tags: Inspired

Posted: Tuesday, July, 2014