Imagine this: 450 women, camping, climbing, hiking, SUP, biking, yoga, wine, beer, dj’s… yes exactly, it looks a little wild and let me tell you, it was.

We're talking about the good kinda of wild here, Outessa is an event put on REI at Squaw Valley California celebrating the outdoors and all the good energy that comes with it. It's the perfect place to try something new, or to just get after every single activity in the summer book in one of the most beautiful mountain villages out there.

Roxy brought me to the event to participate and host as a pro athlete. I attempted to do every activity on the schedule and almost made it. Between biking clinics and SUP yoga, I also managed to meet a lot of inspiring leaders in sport and lifestyle.

I can honestly say that I wish there were more of these, there is something special about the vibe of a event like this where anyone can try anything int he perfect learning scenario and learn from some amazingly powerful females. I went home exhausted, tanned and wanted way more of this…