Don't you ever wish you could get a rad group of ladies together for a shed day on the mountain? Don't you ever wish you could learn a bit more about your avalanche equiptment? Isn't it nice doing yoga fist thing in the morning to warm up that creeky snowboard body? Isn't it nice when someone makes you a healthy breakfast and give you a ton of goodies just becasue? Well, lets just say that dreams do come true, especially when you have the right friends. Leanne Pelosi, Helen Schettini, Annie Boulanger, Marie France Roy, Taylor Godber and myself hosted the Early Bird Social in early December just to stoke out the lady rippers out there who dont' always have the opportunity to do "all of the above".

Apparently, women's snowbaording is alive and well and full of new blood; the event filled up within 2 days and with the help of Whistler/Blackcomb and a a long list of supporters. I am always 100% down to get my feet wet in the snowboard community and make sure that everyone knows that we here and we are more pumped than ever to share our love of snow sports, the mountains and the culture we work hard to preserve! Keep your eyes open for another Early Bird Social next December and until then...SHRED POWDER!