Dispatches: Argentina

Always love getting the word out about Argentina. We had a hard winter weather wise, but it was all fun all the time even without the standard Patagonia winter giving us the gift of epic powder. Read … more

Posted: Wednesday, November, 2014

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36kms to Garabaldi Lake

Have you ever had those days...when you JUST CAN'T? Today was not it.I went to do a mellow 6km hike up to Chekamus Lake in Whistler and ended up on a 9 hour epic across the moon (it actually kinda … more

Feats of Humanity: IRONwoMAN Heather Wurtele

Lounging lazily on the dock in Whistler BC, I started chatting up a lake swimmer. Turns out she is Heather Wurtele, super athlete. After chatting with her a bit about long distance lake swimming for … more

Posted: Tuesday, July, 2014

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